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Generously given by my awesome colleagues:

Dr. Todd Erickson 

Vice Provost

I am pleased to highlight Nadiia's mix of skills and abilities - she has a great combination of both detail orientation and process orientation. She is innately a hard worker and has been a quick learner as a member of the Online Team at WJU, but in addition she had to adapt to a series of direct supervisors for the team. She collaborated well while supervised, but I want to particularly highlight that she was not afraid to step up during times when the team was unsupervised. She has been relentless in looking for ways to improve operations, but these investigations have never risked delivering on her primary duties. She is a strong systems thinker, that not only spots holes in existing processes but makes well thought out recommendations to improve them.


Kathryn Moga, MA

Acting Director of Jessup Online Department 

As an educational professional with over ten years of experience in higher education, I am happy to recommend Nadiia Bagin for an Instructional Designer position. In my role as Acting Director of Jessup Online at William Jessup University I had the opportunity to work closely with Nadiia, who was on our team of Instructional Designers. 


During the 2 years I worked with Nadiia I observed the following skills and traits: Nadiia is creative and imaginative,an effective problem solver,displays good project management skills, detail oriented, tech savvy, skilled at working with Subject Matter Experts and performing Initial orientation and regular follow-up to ensure a smooth design process,collaborative in producing a quality final product that achieves the desired learning objectives.


I am pleased to recommend Nadiia Bagin for your consideration. 2121 University Avenue Rocklin, CA 95765


Matthew Timms, MA

Senior Instructional Designer

While I worked with Nadiia for only a brief time, I was very impressed by her. Her ability to quickly learn technical tasks and processes is exceptional and her systems-orientation is a gift to any team that has become stagnant. Nadiia is a wise hire for teams looking for a fun co-worker who will make significant contributions from day one.


Dr. Manuel Salazar III

Online Coordinator & Faculty Mentor, Associate Professor

I had the honor of working with Nadiia at WJU for over two years. She is a highly competent professional in the area of online instructional design. I have worked with her on a number of new course designs as the subject matter expert, and each time Nadiia has added much value to the design process. I would highly recommend her for any educational institution seeking an experienced and highly capable design expert. She will be a valuable asset to any quality learning institution.


Dr. David Timms 

Dean, School of Theology & Leadership

Nadiia Bagin's work as a professional online Instructional Designer has been insightful, methodical, and helpful to me and other faculty at William Jessup University in recent years. Her pedagogical skills and knowledge related to online delivery served us well. As a Dean and faculty member, I found Nadiia warm, accommodating, and responsive to deadlines. I commend her.


Allan Erselius 

Adjunct Professor of Business

Nadiia understands both "quality" and "expected end results" in designing curriculum. She understands timelines, deadlines as well as the technical capacity of the people she works with. But she doesn't sacrifice the quality of her projects due to time restrictions. I have been seen excellent student learning and retention because of Nadiia's attention to detail. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a highly motivated designer or even as a department administrator. I would expect Nadiia would show as much care with her employees as she has shown with her design projects. 


Justin Litchfield 

Instructional Designer

I worked with Nadiia on our Instructional Design team as an Assistant. When I was promoted to Instructional Designer, Nadiia trained me for my new role. Nadiia’s meticulous attention to detail and caring nature makes her a great addition to any team or project.


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