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Innovative Concept of Successful Life Navigation

7 necessary components of Successful Life Navigation.

Stay Afloat
Interactive Self-Assessment Test

In 2021, I designed a test, Stay Afloat, for new immigrants to self-assess and structure their personal way to success in a new country. My test was inspired by a well-known dramatic story of Titanic which could Stay Afloat with four out of its 16 compartments damaged but not six. Two compartments played critical role for more than 2000 people.


I have created a handout with an image of a Titanic-like ship with seven compartments that, due to my research and personal experience, represent Seven Aspects of Immigrants' Successful Integration into a New Society: Motivation, Personal Brand, Education, Communication, Material Well-being, Health & Community, which introduces a unique systematic approach of self-assessment and laying out a personalized success plan for new immigrants.


The participants are suggested to fill those compartments with green, yellow, or red color pencils, depending on how they assess a particular area of their immigrant life, as well as write the name of their ship in the respective blank space. After self-evaluation, the players are encouraged to develop a personalized & prioritized way to succeed as immigrants.

The test was well-received by participants of different ages & stages of life: undergraduate & graduate college students as well as working & retired professionals.


I shared these findings with my Harvard classmates as a part of the Higher Education Certificate Program & was highly commended for my work.


I will be glad to provide a personal consultation or lead a group workshop, using my unique systematic approach to self-assessments for new immigrants.

Reina Nishihara
Harvard Student from Japan

It looks fun! I learned about immigrants' lives and history at the tenement museum in NYC.


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