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Stay Afloat
Interactive Self-Assessment Game

In 2021, I designed a game, Stay Afloat, for new immigrants to self-assess and structure their personal way to success in a new country. My game was inspired by a well-known dramatic story of Titanic which could Stay Afloat with four out of its 16 compartments damaged but not six. Two compartments played critical role for more than 2000 people.


I have created a handout with an image of a Titanic-like ship with seven compartments that, due to my research and personal experience, represent Seven Aspects of Immigrants' Successful Integration into a New Society: Motivation, Legal Status, Material Well-being, Language, Education, Health & Community, which suggest a unique systematic approach of self-assessment and laying out a personalized success plan for new immigrants.


The players are suggested to fill those compartments with green, yellow, or red color pencils, depending on how they assess this particular area of their immigrant life, as well as write the name of their ship in the respective blank space. After self-evaluation, the players are encouraged to develop a personalized & prioritized way to succeed as immigrants.

The game was tested and well-received by participants of different ages & stages of life: undergraduate & graduate college students as well as working professionals.


I shared these findings with my Harvard classmates as a part of the Higher Education Certificate Program & was highly commended for my work.


I will be glad to provide a personal consultation or lead a group workshop, using my unique systematic approach to self-assessments for new immigrants.


Reina Nishihara
Harvard Student from Japan

It looks fun! I learned about immigrants' lives and history at the tenement museum in NYC.